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Services. Q++Studio users.

If, like me, you already use Q++Studio, I can also help you as a freelancer when you are overloaded with work. I have been specialising in the design and/or typesetting of diaries and calendars for over 30 years.Since 2005, I do that using Q++Studio.

So how can I help you if you already have the best tool available, namely Q++Studio?

  • By producing your templates. You can send me an InDesign or QuarkXPress file with the page layout, in any version, and I will convert it into the corresponding template. (Feel free to send me the tricky ones; they are the ones I like the most).

  • By editing and typesetting information pages. Any kind of page: public holidays or international events, time zones, saints' days, astronomical phenomena, dialling codes, etc..

  • By taking care of proofreading.

  • By creating new designs or retouching those already existing.

Are you interested? Send me an email and I will be happy to give you a quote for the work that you want me to do.

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