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About me

I was born in Valladolid, Spain. Although I have a law degree, my professional life has revolved around diaries. I used to be the editor of the Spanishleading publisher of diaries and calendars, Simancas Ediciones. Since the company folded in 2015, I have been offering freelance services to anyone needing to publish diaries or calendars.

Every year, I have to edit and proofread hundreds of diaries for different countries. For that reason, I have always prioritized making their typesetting as automatic as possible. In the beginning, I started using Compugraphic's automation tools, then I switched to Xdata... Finally, I found the perfect solution, Q++Studio, which since 2005 allows me to fully automate almost any diary or calendar.

Beyond mere typesetting, I also offer my clients a wealth of experience in design and content editing and I can carry out work for any geographical region and in any language.

The basis of my freelance work consists in the trust of my clients, who know that I will deliver both the final PDFs and original InDesign or QuarkXPress documents in the version they desire, error-free and on time. My clients also know that I will maintain strict confidentiality about the work that they entrust to me.

If you publish or print diaries or calendars, why don’t you take a look at the services I can offer you? For more information, feel free to contact me at

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