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Services. Public holidays.

Tell me which countries you want in your diary or calendar and I will provide the dates of their public holidays.

There are a lot of free websites on the internet with information on international public holidays. However, they are not reliable, because they make business out of selling the advertising they display, not out of the accuracy of their data.

As a result, they are not up-to-date and tend to mix general, mandatory public holidays together with others that only affect certain regions or sectors, or festivals that are not actually public holidays.


I hold a licence from the only truly reliable supplier of information on international public holidays: Q++Studio. Are you familiar with it? Q++Studio provides its licence holders with detailed, secure information, updated daily, on the public holidays in all countries of the world, without exception. A large number of the foremost multinationals subscribe to its services, as you can see if you visit, in the "References" section.


Why not give it a try: visit, where you can see, free of charge, all the information provided by Q++Studio regarding the public holidays and festivals of any country in the world, but only for the next 12 months.  Check the reliability of the dates for a country you know well. I have all this information, but without the 12-month limit and for any country in the world.

With such information I can do the following for any countries you choose:

  • Automatically insert, in each day of the diary, a reference to those countries where it's a public holiday. I can also add the name of the holiday in each country, and indicate when the holiday is only in a specific region, sector, for half a day or optional.

  • And, of course, automatically change the colour or typography of the days that are public holidays in the country that's the main target for your diary or calendar.

  • Design and/or typeset information pages with a list of the public holidays for all the countries of your choice.

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