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Services. Any calendar.

I hold a licence for Q++Studio, the only software that allows for the automated typesetting of diaries and calendars.

Using Q++Studio I can automatically generate and insert the days of any diary or calendar, without errors. And using not only the Gregorian calendar. I can also use any other system: Islamic, Chinese, Hebrew, Buddhist, the various Hindu calendars, Orthodox Christian, etc. Any system that you desire.

For the Islamic calendar in particular, in which the starting dates of the months and their length may differ from one country to another, I can choose from 11 different sources of data:

  • Saudi Umm-al-Qura

  • Egyptian ESA

  • Indo-Pakistani

  • Indonesian MABIMS

  • Iranian Hijri


  • Libyan LCRSS

  • Malaysian JAKIM

  • Moroccan  

  • Singapore MUIS

  • Turkish DIB

I can also use truly rare calendars. For example, I have created a diary which, for each day of the year and besides the date of the Gregorian calendar, also provides the equivalent date in the Kemetic calendar, which is based on the ancient Egyptian system.

At the root of any calendar, there are astronomical calculations relating to the sun, the moon or to both. Thanks to Q++Studio, the know-how and accuracy of these calculations are guaranteed, and the automatic insertion of the results in the diary ensures that no errors are made.

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