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Services. Astronomical data.

I hold a licence for Q++Studio, the only software that allows for the automated typesetting of diaries and calendars.

This Q++Studio licence gives me access to data for any geographical zone in the world, and in such zone's local time, regarding:

  • Moon phases

  • Sunrise/sunset

  • Moonrise/moonset

  • Seasons

  • Eclipses

  • Equinoxes/solstices

  • Muslim prayer times

  • Zodiac signs

  • And much more…

The calculations carried out by Q++Studio are based on the DE430 numerical integration package of NASA and JPL.

Using said information, I can do the following for the geographical zone that you desire and in its local time:

  • Insert automatically on each day the details of your choice.

  • Design and/or typeset information pages with lists of such details for all the days of the year.

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