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If you are looking for information regarding 
PUBLIC HOLIDAYS in different countries...

If you have come to my website looking for reliable information about public holidays around the world, you are in the right place. I do have it.

You can find many free websites that provide this information on the internet. However, they are not reliable, because they make business out of selling the advertising they display, not out of the reliability of their data. As a result, they are not up-to-date and tend to mix general, mandatory public holidays together with others that only affect certain regions or sectors, as well as optional public holidays and early closing days. 

There's only one truly reliable provider of information on international public holidays: Q++Studio. Are you familiar with it?

Q++Studio does not display advertising, only data: detailed and secure information, updated on a daily basis, regarding the public holidays in all countries of the world, without exception. A large number of the foremost multinationals subscribe to its services, as you can see if you visit, in the "References" section.

You can also consult this information free of charge, for the next 12 months, at

If you want to keep up-to-date with the public holidays anywhere in the world but without that 12-month limit, you can subscribe to the Q++Studio services. But that might be more than you actually need. Maybe you just want to publish an annual printout of next year's public holidays in certain countries around the world, or add the information to one of your printed products.

That is where I come in. I am a freelancer authorised by Q++Studio to provide you with all that information, designed and typeset according to your instructions and for the range of dates that you desire, without any 12-month limit. I will provide you with a print-ready PDF, as well as with the corresponding InDesign or QuarkXPress document, in the version of your choice.

Are you interested? For me to give you a quote, send me an email providing all the relevant details:

  • The design you want: format, language(s), typography, etc. If you are in doubt about it, I can help you with the design: here you can see several examples of public holiday pages designed by me.

  • And the content: how many countries you want to include; whether you only want the date or the name of the public holiday as well; whether you want only the general public holidays that affect all workers in the country, or regional and sector-based holidays as well, etc.

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